Saddle Fit, Thoughts and Advice

Saddle fit is important for the comfort and movement of the horse. 

If the saddle does not sit properly on the horses back it could impede the lifting of their back and being able to get the hind end moving correctly, this leads to poor posture and over/under developed muscles.  Proper saddle fit encourages your horse to have the same natural flow through movement under saddle.  If the saddle fits properly the rider’s weight will be distributed to the places needed for the horse to move properly.  It also allows the rider’s legs to be in the correct position effortlessly. 

When buying a saddle for your horse it is always a good idea to have a saddle fitting done first to ensure proper fit for you and your horse.  Take into consideration the shape of your horse and what they need to have a proper fit. Ie. Wide/narrow/short/long back, high or low withers, shoulder placement, these things will help with buying your saddle. Having a good saddle fit will help with good posture for you and your horse, also enabling your horse to move well under saddle.   It will aid in proper muscle development and posture through exercise. 

Meet Katherine

Welcome to Soft Hands Equine Support, S.H.E.S. I started the practices because I know that horses benefit from hands on therapy. I use the Equi-Bow technique to promote better posture, movement and relaxation. My passion is not only horses, but healthy and strong horses.

What is Equi-bow?

Equi-bow is a non-invasive way to make your horse feel good and relieve tension throughout the body. It aids in balancing the body and promotes healing.

Equi-bow's gentle, hands-on approach to body work enables the practitioner to connect with the horse and obtain positive results such as better circulation within the body.