Soft Hands Equine Support

Equi-Bow Therapy in Halton Hills, Rockwood, Erin, Hillsburg, Acton and Caledon

Our Equi-Bow Services

Equi-Bow has a specific protocol that targets the horse’s entire body to create a well-balanced horse.  The session starts with procedures that relax the horse and promote a parasympathetic state.  After the initial body balancing technique, the areas of concern are addressed with advanced procedures.  The techniques are very gentle and non-invasive.  With Equi-Bow we get results similar to traditional techniques (massage, chiropractic and acupuncture) but with a lighter touch.

Before and After

Before and after pictures.  The colour change shows that Equi-Bow technique improves circulation in the body. 


Each session  $80.00

Times will vary depending on the personal needs of your horse. Generally sessions are 1 to 1 ½ hrs.

Extra Horse Care:  $20 an hour, (Which can include grooming, feeding, turn-in/turn-out, etc.)

Therapy done by Katherine Curran, Equi-Bow Practitioner