Horses, Our Four-Legged Friends

Horses to me have always been a way to stay grounded. 

The beauty, elegance and movement of the horse is breath taking.  They all have their own personalities and characteristics.  They are determined and generally will do anything they are asked of with or without struggle. 

The school horses have always amazed me.  They work almost every day with different riders and different levels of riding expectation, and they do their jobs well.  Taking care of the beginner riders who sometimes fumbles along the way.  Taking the intermediates to higher levels and showing off their talents with the advanced riders.  I am sure there are lot of you out there that have had that special school horse who showed you the ropes and was always there for you.  My special school horse was Tess.  She was a tiny little horse who would take me over the most elaborate cross-country jumps with ease. Even when I wasn’t confident she was.  School horses have taught me a lot through the years and I am grateful for that.


Through my experiences with many horses it has brought me to where I am now.  An Equi-Bow Practitioner.

Meet Katherine

Welcome to Soft Hands Equine Support, S.H.E.S. I started the practices because I know that horses benefit from hands on therapy. I use the Equi-Bow technique to promote better posture, movement and relaxation. My passion is not only horses, but healthy and strong horses.

What is Equi-bow?

Equi-bow is a non-invasive way to make your horse feel good and relieve tension throughout the body. It aids in balancing the body and promotes healing.

Equi-bow's gentle, hands-on approach to body work enables the practitioner to connect with the horse and obtain positive results such as better circulation within the body.