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Horses, Our Four-Legged Friends

Horses, Our Four-Legged Friends Horses to me have always been a way to stay grounded.  The beauty, elegance and movement of the horse is breath taking.  They all have their own personalities and characteristics.  They are determined and generally will do anything they...

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Saddle Fit, Thoughts and Advice

Saddle Fit, Thoughts and AdviceSaddle fit is important for the comfort and movement of the horse.  If the saddle does not sit properly on the horses back it could impede the lifting of their back and being able to get the hind end moving correctly, this leads to poor...

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Balancing Your Horse’s Hoof

Balancing Your Horse's HoofWhy balance a horse's hoof?Just like us there posture starts at their feet.  We use orthopaedic shoes to balance, relieve pain and help with posture.  Horses benefit from the same idea.  Whether they are with or without shoes it is in my...

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