Balancing Your Horse’s Hoof

Why balance a horse’s hoof?

Just like us there posture starts at their feet.  We use orthopaedic shoes to balance, relieve pain and help with posture.  Horses benefit from the same idea.  Whether they are with or without shoes it is in my opinion important for them to have balanced hooves.

Taking the long toe and flares off will help stop under-run heels.  The longer the toe the more the heel is dragged forward.  Toe flares can add to stress on the limbs.  Trimming back the toe and filing the flares will help balance the hoof.  I also believe trimming back the hooks will release pressure off the frog and help the heels to hit the ground more evenly.

Things that can contribute to long toe:

  • poor saddle fit (horse unable to move correctly)
  • nutrition
  • genetics
  • environment (dry-wet footing on and off)
  • training hard on solid footing.
  • shoe fit

With your farriers help your can have a more balanced hoof which will help with posture, balance and movement.

Meet Katherine

Welcome to Soft Hands Equine Support, S.H.E.S. I started the practices because I know that horses benefit from hands on therapy. I use the Equi-Bow technique to promote better posture, movement and relaxation. My passion is not only horses, but healthy and strong horses.

What is Equi-bow?

Equi-bow is a non-invasive way to make your horse feel good and relieve tension throughout the body. It aids in balancing the body and promotes healing.

Equi-bow's gentle, hands-on approach to body work enables the practitioner to connect with the horse and obtain positive results such as better circulation within the body.